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    April 18, 2013
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in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it. ♪ neil: welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto, and by now this video is familiar to all of you released earlier today what the fbi to try to find what it says are the two likely suspects behind the monday boston marathon bombing. but i want to show you something else just then that you have not seen, and this is courtesy of our friends and colleagues, or boston fox affiliate. take a close look at this. this is the finish line. in the middle, just behind the crossbars circled in red is the
bag the you're so much about, the package. above, a fellow who looks like he's in a white cap, he has just dropped off that back. near him is 8-year-old martin richards, next to martin, the year-old boy who was there watching his dad finish the boston marathon, his mom and sister. back to this picture. this scene, this snapshot in time, our affiliate has beautifully gone ahead and learn of the images of those in the crowd. minutes before everything changes. minutes before a year-old martin richard would be dead. his sister would lose her legs, and her mom, his mom would be claiming to life. this is just the beginning, and
this is the reason why the fbi is convinced that these two suspects were at the scene, dropped a package at the scene, and there now wanted it, the world over. in boston with the very latest on what the fbi is convinced by the perpetrators behind monday's infamous attack. >> you know, that very reason that the federal bureau of investigation, the joint terrorism task force went forward with releasing these images is because they had exhausted all of their leads. they hope that when they went to the public they would get new leads. and desperately as that affirmation, as quickly as those images went out, they got more images. the images coming to us, showing this individual with the white ball caps turned backwards. that is the individual identified as suspect number two.
the man fbi says dropped off a back pack containing an explosive in front of the forum restaurant which is over at the finish line. it was just before 2:50 p.m. when these deadly explosions took place. one of the things they're appealing to the public to do, but digitally the public was in that area taking pictures, taking video. go back to reexamine images and see if this individual with the white ball cap, some say it's a polo ball cap with the number three hamburger on the side and if he turns up in any of their images. that can further the investigation. suspect number one, a black ball cap, identified as a bridgestone golf cap coming in that same area around 250 in the afternoon when the deadliest blazes a place. they are, to extend, that because of the public looking for help from them, but they offer a strong word of caution. you have to assume that these individuals are armed and dangerous. to another person on their own. all the authorities.
neil: and i would imagine they would have skipped town. that is a good possibility, as ms.? >> is certainly would be a strong possibility. one of the things that you don't want to do when you teeseven others that msg is would be reluctant to release these images is was that comes out these individuals know they're wanted. dad ago on the run, which to extend good of the investigators out your they get deeper underground which makes it harder to find them. one of the things that the authorities made very clear, when you have images this good, somebody somewhere knows these individuals. somebody somewhere can identify them. neil: great job of reporting of this week. i know has been yeoman's work. very little sleep. in boston, massachusetts. again, we're beginning to piece together alloy is the fbi came up to cite these two apparently and males as the possible suspects year. again, i want to go back to what our colleagues in boston, fox
affiliate there, what they were able to link from their own pictures and other images that they took the day of the race. this package that was ultimately proven to be the likely bomb that went of. nearby that white capped individual who was identified by the fbi later on as a suspect, again, they did not do that based on just some guy walking to the streets. they have linked into this scene now news crews including our own have been sort of coming through our own video, our own feet from the area that date, and we, too, as in the case and our friends in boston our affiliate, were able to connect that same individual in the same white cap backwards with the same package to the same scene which was the place of the initial explosion. now, you can understand why the fbi feels it is close to
something or someone or, in this case, to someone's. terrorism expert steven emerson joining us right now. what do you make of this development? and if true, it raises an issue that i was just curious about, when the fbi itself start showing, this is why we think these other guys. be a link them hear, here, here, and your. neil: and story, why wouldn't they -- widened they have a press conference earlier? >> no, reds is showing video of them walking around on the streets, as they were able to get, if there were so sure teeseven to my to second-guess, but they are obviously linking them for reason. what you think it was. but seymour and affirmation or what? >> local i understand that the actual residue of the backpacks, which contained the bonds were found and that residue show them
to be linked to the types of backpacks that they were actually wearing on their backs. and they confirmed this, apparently. obviously it did not have the original backpacks, but they looked at the make of the backpacks. there were a will to determine what type of make a workaholic the color was, and determined that they were the exact duplicates of the backpacks that were detonated that contain bombs. and looking at the photos that you just showed. and the father is that the fbi released. what is amazing to me is, no effort to disguise themselves really. to, you know, no sunglasses, no false mustache great thing. a year in nonchalance of placing it, like this picture shows, right next to kids and people and no hesitation at all. this seems to me they stay nearby.
neil: we want to follow on that. and if we can go back. as the explosion site. you're right. i didn't think of this, but they certainly made no effort to disguise themselves or what have you, but there were any around long enough to see what would happen afterwards. >> right. and correct me if i'm wrong, but have not seen any of those yet surface of them without the backpacks, meaning no furloughs of them after the attack. and you would think there would be photos because the cameras that were shot, that were released -- the way the video was released, still shooting. maybe it took a different route out of the park or of the street, but certainly i would think there would be video of them after they dump the backpacks. we have not seen that. neil: i got you. go ahead. >> also, look, it's still a very big mystery. we don't know what the motive is you know that in almost all
terrorist attacks there is some type of efforts it release the motivation to my right and irresponsibility, a statement, a letter or something. no motive has ever surfaced because they have not been found any claim of responsibility, in the letter, in the statement, nothing. number two here is the fact that these bombs do not look very heavy. if i'm carrying a backpack and is that at 25 pounds to my going to tilt over to the writer something. you don't see then tilting in all areas is seems to be sort of light. number three, these bomb makers traditionally do not transport the bonds. a bomb maker, the transborder as demand and as a watcher. that is what the israelis had discovered in terms of bomb making teams. usually a moment to a minimum of three to before. so they're probably other people maybe the bomb maker. we don't know what he looks like. as has been reported, the way this bomb was made was an exact duplicate of what was posted in
the magazine put out by a terrorist group binyamin that talked about a pressure cooker bomber as a deacon build it in your kitchen. this looks like it was built very, very like the instructions that were in the inspired magazine. again, we don't know who did this, and we don't know what the motivation is, and that is the biggest puzzle all. i am still mystified by the fact that no claim of responsibility, no indication at all why this is done. if you're making a political statement you need to have that statement made. someone has to hear and listen to it. as far as identifying them, i am positive within the next 24, 36, 72 hours people will say, yes, i know they are. it's impossible for people to be -- to disappear like this and not be recognized by people who work with them, relatives. neil: see how quickly they shut down logan airport, now briefly they did.
kendis avoid this sort of thing in terms of getting an attempt, but maybe they had at long last and are long gone. >> well, i mean, look, at this point i would assume that this was -- i'm assuming s, that it was not done on a lark in the new what they're doing. they probably realize that at airports that is the easiest place they could be picked up. a car was of these is what gets down. i did want to follow one other thing. ehrlich ameristar -- american to me. they look like american kids. i could be very wrong. does that take away hands the for an elephant or to your point earlier, that you would need one or two other individuals at least to do this, that there could be a fourth element to
this. what you make of that? >> i don't see a foreign element this point. because, again, the traditional and no of gian terraces to make a statement that let people know that they did it. one way or another could. neil: no one claimed responsibility. no one is taken about. >> that's right. what does that tell you, anything? >> it tells me head -- it does not tell us much. tells me that you probably have a first timer. they may be testing it out. maybe the motivation is so off the wall that is not political. but i think you're right. they definitely look more american. there were described as the occasion. they don't look middle eastern. and, again, if you want to kill a lot people you don't put in a park, you put it in a highly concentrated place. you put it in a bus, train station, near brace, near times square. you don't teeseven that draw to
kill zero people is wait. three people were killed, but if you want to kill a hundred people in this bomb could have had been placed in a mall where there were hundreds of people. goes out and kill as many people. another will identify them. that still doesn't necessarily mean. and then they check the computers. a check of their cell phone records, anything in their apartments. i'm assuming this is not what they're doing in terms of getting into town and satisfying their residence and making sure there would not be picked up by any type of forensic clues. amelie assuming that based on the nonchalance and was there were so confident in carrying
out these attacks. the conference here, in terms of the way it looks on film, the way looks in the video, it's so amazing compared to the way i have seen videos. officially photograph him. it described themselves. these little make amends a at a time for describing their residents. >> analytical. the fbi looking for these two phases. neil: using a billion dollar technology to find these guys.
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neil: all right. we learned that they are really focusing on the backpacks, not necessarily the guys. all technologies to track down what it believes are the suspects. how does that work? over my comprehension the technology aspects horatio,
speed. the concerts on that capability. makes the challenge of sifting through literally thousand thousands much more durable. neil: is in the carter of the pictures you had, this particular one, it looks fairly, a lot of the ones that have seen a very much out of focus and obviously when you blow them up they did a great year still. howdy compensate for that to roughly match the data base of faces. >> well, you know, you're absolutely right. the quality makes a ton of difference. and in this case it's very good quality of this. kneele to see what's going on
there. a limited amount. unlike in hollywood where they can magically to reread some of these pictures. says not that easily done in real life. so the quality of the image makes a lot of difference in this kind of investigation. neil: can never be wrong? in other words, use for a stack of bibles. the dugard dudes, and it turns out that not quite. upon better, closer, more precise examination, the technology had it wrong. >> as stated differ way. guaranteed to be wrong. the technology is not perfect. what it does, it would also wait a tremendous amount of affirmation that is not useful. let you. our largest customers today records 75 years of video an hour. so you think about the human effort to go through that kind
of video. it's virtually impossible. the fact you know you're going to have -- we call it false positives. so the bottom line is that it's exceptional. being collected those pictures and very quickly saying this is a guy who is of interest and not neil: thank you very, very much. >> my pleasure. neil: now the possibility of want to raise with you folks. what if we're wrong? what is despite the technology, despite what seems like a lot more coincidence, a white guy picture walking the street nearby that the scene of the crime, so this week with said package, same guy in said cap near very same victims, two of whom died that instant or a little more than in sin slater. what if they got it wrong? what if it really was coincidence? what if it is another richard jewell situation? remember in? there were ready to practically let him on the streets of atlanta soon after the atlanta
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♪ neil: many of you remember the old tv series, the fugitive. you probably do. but they have the wrong guy. the whole thing was about chasing the wrong guy. i think they got him in the end. at the right guy on the ferris wheel of something like that, but anyway, this is just the kind of thing that the justice officials worry about. this is an amazing attorney, by the weight. he led the investigation that led to the prosecution of error crop nemerov, the actual culprit behind the atlanta olympic
bombings that exonerated richard jewell. furthermore, he was among the lead prosecutors brought to justice to former ku. >> klan members responsible for the 1963 bombing of the baptist church in birmingham that ultimately killed for african-american girls. bottom line, you do not mess with mr. jones because he is tenacious. and i am very odd to have you with us. >> thank you. neil: that was my immediate concern. i don't know if we are making the league. obviously the fbi does is research. technology. licking their residue for a backpack to a similar colors. people wearing similar backpacks. i understand all that. but these guys have already been called the bombers by the media apart from just as suspects.
risk that they are not? >> yes. certainly there is a risk, but think we have, years from the 1996 olympic park bombing in which richard jewell was really not declared a suspect in a press conference the you saw here. a lot of media leaks from law-enforcement at the time. and he was started more because of a profile that he seemed to fit rather than physical evidence. neil: but i remember, you know, i do remember a rush. we have to find the guy, we have to find the yakima and i'm not saying authorities given to that and are less zealous. certainly guys like you aren't because you have the patients of an elephant to just keep going and going and going for years to track down the guide which is why you never want to get under bad side, but in all seriousness , what i see is the same pressure within boston. we have got to find the guy. the guys he did this. i wonder if that influences the
pressures. >> certainly there is that influence. there is no question about that, but i have to tell you, my experience with federal law enforcement is that they're going to be very, very meticulous. when the spawn for sticks butter on monday i may come as to be here in birmingham about how quickly the fbi and the atf should be allowed to put that on back together, what we have seen, the difference which in the last in the 15 years is the difference in the federal recognition, the images, the number of images and other credible way that the fbi can piece this together. we're only seeing to pictures. >> and don't want to give away secrets and help authorities do their job, but they have obviously connected a lot of things to say to the american people, we really think that these other guys. what else and what types of stuff would be there? the pictures we showed at the outset showing the white capped individual at the scene of the
crime? >> i think that would be -- i think we could match up the backpacks, the nylon, somehow they could have traced back a pressure cooker. it is amazing the technology that law enforcement has right now. what was especially significant, i thought, in this press conference this afternoon was the use of the term suspects who are considered armed and dangerous. that certainly raises the threat level and tells me that they have a lot more in their arsenal them what they're telling the public, and they're holding them back to protect the case. they don't want to do that. one to give out too much information right now, but they need the public's help. that is the other thing. they seem to have exhausted as much as they could law in force to wise to identify these people. now they need the public's help in locating them, identifying them. neil: to what if they just got out of four authorities shut down logan airport? >> that is always a possibility.
we had the same issue after the bombing hint n. the concern was the message of the country. even at intermission that he may have. the fact of the matter was he was found in the forest 15 to 20 miles from where he first ran away. so they may very well have. one of the things we have going for us is the media like you, the social network that is now worldwide. so pervasive now that it is very -- it is much more difficult to hide in plain sight benny used to be. neil: but it is not difficult to disguise herself. >> it is not difficult. certainly, you know, the issue here is always been, we make the bomb. find out what happened. try to identify the individuals who -- law enforcement police purpose syndic time. the second thing, try to match the name to the face.
it was press. it might take a while but they do find the guy. >> if that is the key. it is never too late you say that over and over people just have to be patient these folks are on top of it and it is pretty amazing. neil: it is. now back to the pitcher getting attention from our fox affiliate in boston pictures like this and images like this that clearly clearly a move the fbi to say that they have their suspects and i can guarantee you there are plenty more images like this we just connected and cross reference of video that we had available the fbi has a few more resources i think.
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directly or indirectly to release being your suspects without getting into the details, it will reawaken in the sense of urgency that maybe we were getting too complacent and this should be our top priority? >> you will get the resources polluted by the federal government, a vhs local police and state police and it is the clear lesson you cannot do effective counterterrorism on the cheap. we tried that in the '90s and it did not work. neil: what is that technology? i and the stand mobilizing troops soon after 9/11 and iraq but this gets more targeted and surgical and special high-tech forces to do the thing that we are doing to identify and hopefully apprehend the
suspects have you distinguish? >> if you look at the fbi lab in quantico one of the of creance -- premier lauren labs extremely this expensive facility that is looking at the remnants of the bomb and probable backpack and batteries. this is expensive stuff and far reaching investigation which will depend on very small things being found that cost a lot of money to live for and ultimately a broad we heard the fbi is already posting these pitchers and sending information throughout the world. these things cost money. neil: ambassador i am curious to get your view of the possibility they're not
foreigners are linked to al qaeda or taliban but just the quick greeds that they look the american that doesn't mean that they are i only say that with the elements that take credit for these type of things often times within seconds and we have not seen that. does that change your view of the security threat that we have homegrown problems? >> we know we have a conspiracy because there is more than one person is not just so long walls and then you don't know how big the circle goes. were there other people to help trade them board gave them the kraft. neil: that they're all from
here? >> it is still a problem. to be fighting terrorism is something you have to do at home and abroad. you don't draw a line to say we will fight it anymore because they are americans. neil: that there might be those that say we spend all this money to go after the fourth elements and terrorist cells throughout africa and we have been looking in the wrong places we don't need to do that anymore or as much of that anymore? >> the sad truth is you have to do both. you cannot -- can do counterterrorism effectively we took a vacation from history and what happened? it was al qaeda that play and an attack so we can't just say we solve the problem overseas or really pay attention at home. we have to do those and we
cannot just cut back defense and intelligence budgets to give the impression we have finished. we haven't. neil: thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> nice to be with you. neil: it is amazing already this week with so much of known about boston that businesses wasted very the all-time and individuals wasted little time to raise a lot of money to help victims of this attack. i am not talking just a little bit of money but close to $10 million still call them evil business?es after this. she's everything to you. but yo erectile dysfunction - that could be question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved
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on-time delivery records and a low claims ratio, we do whatever it takes to make your business our business. od. helping the world keep promises. neil: already close at $10 million that is how much the businesses have raised in the wake of the boss said
tax to help out the victims we will talk to ken feinberg to has already got a tough assignment and much more will be donated that is the nature to allocate the bp settlement funds and who is providing these funds? former mcdonald's usa ceo is here to remind us that big business is not always evil. but we thought we would cover the story because that is where the money is coming from. not exclusively but 90 percent has been coming from corporations and business titans to want to help particularly the family of this little boy who was killed in the attack but there are others similarly promised relief. >> it is said justin and
generous country when our citizens and young people are under such terrific stress all of us pull together and put aside our differences to reach out to try to help. if you look at corporations over the years and decades or centuries mcdonald's mcdonald's, ronald mcdonald house, ford foundation, gates buffett foundation, a great men and women and corporations to support their communities giveback and i tell people without profits there cannot be charity and without people and good jobs there cannot be charity we need business to express the best of the free enterprise system. i am so private -- proud of business executives today and the people who work and step up and reach out and it is a beautiful thing. neil: and very generous. >> very early they brought in and ken feinberg to make
sure the money gets to the right people and he handled that oil spill funding very well just like the compensation fund so i find it remarkable so early so many would not be wasted or disappear like haiti where billions was raised. so that is encouraging to see. >> it is wonderful when you can have the communities and corporations come together that is so adept to manage the many so everybody gets what they need it is a blessing to have people like him who understand a great need. is hard work doing good charity to make sure the money is allocated the right way. i am so proud of my company mcdonald's because they support the administrative
side of ronald mcdonald house and all goes to charity. that takes courage and that is why the customers step up day after day with many -- was teddies and the contribution boxes. it is a great sign how wonderful corporations can be. i stated no hassles with the people who work there do. our founders taught us that very early on. neil: but they are people and they are good people you will hear nothing about this on other stations but i want you to be aware of what business has done this week to step up. it is always a pleasure. thank you. i have told you already they have the suspects on tape
and clues that ultimately means they have a lot of means to get the clues. there were spying on them to get the data from every cameras looking at them and reason magazine's senior editor is worried about that part. i do see your point* we can use this intrusive technology to justify it but oftentimes it is an excuse to up the private since -- privacy invasion. >> after we see publicly the abuse of the public cameras or cellphone tracking in the attempt to use all this horrific crime that may lead people to think this is tools they call upon to solve crimes but in fact police using these constantly every day the fourth amendment has been decided not to apply to
public spaces because we have no expectation of privacy so cameras is fair game. cellphone tracking it is tapping millions of times per year almost always without a warrant or without people knowing about it. not just used that is terrific -- horrific. neil: they could say he is right but if i had their choice between the intrusion or jedi would settle with that? >> people think that. that is an attitude people have. it is not built into the constitution. it we consider the core aspect not to be watched it ii the land of the free, the brave not the watched and scared. as a way to prevent this
from happening it is the investigative tool to find the people whose did it. you're not guaranteeing safety without surveillance. neil: but the bad guy and afterwards they say it is well worth it. >> that is not what america is about. we have a fourth amendment for reason and not just the a guilty half to fear the eagles club we are more give me liberty or give me death to restrict government. it is a good learning situation for americans to think hard, as we want this surveillance happening there are laws for paul for those that may need a is a good thing to think about. neil: firm "reason" magazine's senior editor
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>> so far i think we are still okay there is no lingering threat and nothing out of control at this point*.
neil: detectives trying to follow people down after the explosion that reminded us of what massachusetts governor patrick said after the blast. >> we ask that people stay out of crowds and, they make their way home. neil: to our friend and psychotherapist, a doctor when they bend over backwards to call me down i get more anxious. >> i think people get suspicious if you are being asked to call down then what is there to worry about? there is a fear that people in high places are not being transparent. then their fantasy runs and why of what is being covered up? there is a history like the air around ground zero.
we later found out it was worse than they said. should i believe i am being told? when it is not so devastating? >> people should trust their instincts you want to balance what you hear and read with your own perception. we were talking during the break i had patients after boston they were afraid and nervous to go into crowded places. i tell them if they don't have to go someplace right now maybe they need to honor and respect they are a little more fright and. there is nothing wrong with that in the temporary. neil: but then they are holed up in their home. >> not permanently. the best way to deal with the year is to honor it. this was a frightening and unsettling situation. neil: but that is the
economic hit. >> and everybody will do that. neil: the history suggests that they do retrenches and stop buying and the stores and the economy feels and washingtwashingt on feels it >> what you have to do is give people permission and temporarily as a temporary solution. on your feelings right now. neil: they will clue themselves to their couch. >> not permanently nobody wants to be paralyzed by fear to stop living their lives you have to live your life and me appropriately concerned and vigilant but you can stop yourself from living and that is the general of vice -- advice. neil: to give their patients your cellphone number? >> they have it. they don't call me much.
neil: to this point* we already had an economy slowing down and earnings we are looking at so even before boston and texas the economy is and was taking a hit.
thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't crea the future... by clinging to the past. and wi that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
♪ neil: cluster time, but not enough to crush you out of getting some good advice. the fact of the matter is when people i scared they retrench, and that can lead to slow down, market pickups. is that likely here? or is this going to be sure light? >> i think it is going to be short-term. i think the pullback was primarily because of the market had runups, so it was so much. you side with stocks like apple early on. mean, what i call kind of a parabolic moved, it just needed a pullback. think it will be temporary.
we're going through right now. it always feels more painful, you know, in the beginning and it will have been, but i think we will come out of it. john: just an excuse. and then this makes a good sort of take for? >> well, you know, such a tragic week. a lot of people's minds were more on the news that on the stock market. john: absolutely. >> a ghandi view of some perspective, but i agree with gary. think what you're seeing is a change in rotation in the leaders. all of the market's former dawdling, apple, gold, taken an absolute shellacking this week, now very much out of favor, but i do think that there are new opportunities brewing. not favorites to alegre that i don't think this is a time that you want to abandon stocks of all. there is still essentially the strongest asset class on the board right now. john: people get defensive. it will park their money and what they think are either slowdown desperate for recession -proof names. for while health care was doing
very well. utilities and doing very well. i am wondering if that is going to be a play in more volatile times. john: i think it is. kind of reminded me after the tragedy in boston, a lot of people wanted to deal -- be with family. this canonize some cooked meal. it was kind of indicative of what i was looking at and what i have seen in the stock market. those old reliable is, that johnson and johnson, mcdonald's, mattel, all doing well, and i think it will continue to do well. your thoughts on defensive stocks. john: are you worried about consumer retrenchment? they get scared, to the good doctor's point earlier. even a momentary skittishness is more than a momentary pause for retailers to offer, you know, restaurants, that sort of thing. potentially, that is one of the reasons i am very much bullish on the market. unlike 2001 after the arrest attack the, even on like